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L’accesso al mercato delle concessioni delle aree demaniali delle coste marittime e lacustri tra tutela dell’investimento ed interesse transfrontaliero certo


Abstract: The debate about the access to the Italian market of maritime (and lakeside) concessions has not ended yet. In 2008, the European Commission opened an infringement procedure against Italy, alleging that the regime of the preferential rights to the state-owned maritime property concessionaires was inconsistent with Art. 49 TFEU and with the...

Good Contracting Authorities Can Predict the Future: A Note on Finn Frogne


Abstract: In a coherent line of case law, developed in particular in pressetext Nachrichtenagentur GmbH, the CJEU has recognised that the awarding authorities can change, under certain conditions, existing public contracts. The principles developed by this case law have been eventually incorporated in the 2014 Public Procurement package (...

Public Procurement, Social Policy and Minimum Wage Regulation for Posted Workers: Towards a More Balanced Socio-Economic Integration Process?


Abstract: Income inequality increased significantly over the past decades. The liberalization and outsourcing of public services, in conjunction with increased pressure on public budgets, has played a considerable role in this development: in procuring services they previously had provided themselves, public authorities fostered price competition...